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The Solar Consultants provides design and equipment packages for Solar Thermal systems used for heating your Domestic Hot Water (DHW); Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating (RFH); Swimming Pools or Spas; and combinations of these systems.

We work with Residential and Commercial systems.

For residential use, DHW systems are typically designed & sized per the number of occupants living in the household.

Commercial DHW systems have various sizing guidelines and are designed based on the nature of the building's DHW useage.

Solar Thermal used for space heating must be designed using your building plans.

With an order for a system, all information specific for your project will be provided for proper installation, including detailed piping and control schematics. For most projects it is suggested to use the services of licensed plumbing or heating contractors. We have the experience needed for working with and coordination between the various trades.

Often times, the nature of the project will determine how much additional system support will be needed. Space heating systems usually are quoted allowing a minimum of two "field service" job site visits. If desired, additional job site visits will be charged based on distance from Des Moines and time at the job site.

The Solar Consultants began installing Solar thermal systems in 1979, and RFH since 1986. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

We are members and supporters of the following organizations, please visit these sites for information about how they promote energy efficiency and renewable energy: ISETA, Iowa Solar/Small Wind Energy Trade Association. www.iowaseta.org ; Iowa Renewable Energy Assoc, www.irenew.org ; Midwest Renewable Energy Assoc, www.midwestrenew.org ; Iowa Environmental Council, www.iaenvironment.org ; Center on Sustainable Communities, www.icosc.com ; Iowa Interfaith Power & Light, www.iowaipl.org ; ISU Prisum Car, http://solarcar.stuorg.iastate.edu

You can call us at 515-266-8883, or at our e-mail address: solarbtu@gmail.com